Yahoo Axis Web browser – Details and Review

Written on:May 26, 2012
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The new standalone Axis Web browser for iOS devices and plugin for other major Web browsers offers a slick visual interface for smooth surfing.Yahoo says that it would redefine the way we brows the internet.After using the browser for a while it really becomes prominent that this browser has a really unique and intuitive search experience.The searches appear more contextual and attractive with a lot of visual effects.Axis offers thumbnails of websites to easily find the search results you want.The user interface of the browser is very easy navigation wise.Another main feature of the browser is that it would store your bookmarks , History , Search preferences and all the other user data to Yahoo cloud servers,So if you login on another device with the same Yahoo ID,The bookmarks,History,Search preferences and other datas would be synchronized with the new devise.




This browser is specially made for the touch screen users like Tablets,Iphones etc.Browsing images with this browser is also really easy, you can choose the images options and than easily browse all the images and drag them to the desktop to paste them on your desktop.You can install the plugin for your browser from their website .

Yahoo is falling back in the Web search game with Google and Bing.This might be the great comeback of Yahoo search by revamping the way web search actually works and giving it a new definition.Yahoo! Axis brings a refreshing, desirable new take on Web search—getting rid of the middle man, those pesky link result pages. This new way of searching the web made the experience fast and smart.But the implementation of this new idea still needs more sanding and buffing.But hopefully there will be more Updates and Patches of the browser and this technology would improve in future.


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