Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ Great new features which will give stiff competition to iOS 5 and Android 4 – Features of Windows Phone 8 OS

Written on:February 5, 2012
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Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is often criticized for lagging far behind iOS and Android, the other major operating systems in the mobile space in terms of in Supportability , Functionality,User interface and speed.But the good thing is that Microsoft has learnt from its previous mistakes.The new operating system would have it all worked out and moreover some great new features also that would make the new age mobile operations more user-friendly,Secure and easy.Some of the key points are discussed below –

Hardware Support –

The main disadvantage of windows operating systems are that they only support single core processors.They also lack support for removable storage.But most of the high end phones right now have multicore processors.pretty soon mid range mobile devices would also have multi core processors.So these restrictions were some major set backs for the windows phone OS.

But Windows Phone Apollo will support multi-core processors, as well as microSD storage.Because iOS devices do not include removable storage, Apollo would trump iOS there.Apollo will also allow for more screen resolutions and device.This means it would be supported by many phones.

Mobile Payments – 

Windows Phone Apollo will use NFC technology to facilitate mobile payments. With a swipe of your phone on a point-of-purchase RFID tag, you’ll be able to buy coffee, cigarettes, and sundry other consumables.This technology is quite similar to Google Wallet.

Unlike Wallet, however, it looks like Microsoft’s version of NFC payments will play by carrier rules.Carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon want a piece of the mobile-payment pie through their own version of Wallet, dubbed Isis. This leaves Sprint as the only U.S. carrier that currently offers Google Wallet. And it also opens up a huge window of opportunity for Windows Phone to take charge in the mobile payments arena.

Application Ecosystem – 

The main advantage of Android in the market is its Huge collection of applications.This has been possible because it is an open source operating system.So individual developers can create there own apps very easily looking at the source codes.iOS also has a lot of applications in the market as its very popular and developers tend to develop more apps in the popular environments to get the most amount of users.

But from this point of view the Windows Mobile OS is seriously lagging.It has been on the market for quite a while still the collection of apps are not that much.So Microsoft plans to have at least 100,000 apps in its app market by the time Windows Phone 8 debuts later this year. Microsoft is working hard to offer incentives such as funding, guidance, and marketing opportunities to attract developers to its mobile platform. Windows Phone is currently the fastest-growing mobile app platform and just crossed the 50,000 app mark in late 2011. But it’s still got a long, long way to go before its offerings are on the same level as iOS and Android.

Current Windows Phone apps will  be backwards compatible.

Desktop Integration – 

This function is present in most of the smartphones.It becomes very necessary for the user to synchronize its mobile data with the desktop counterpart to access them and work on them in both the platforms.As windows dominate the PC world , it has better chances to sync within these platforms.The supportability would be the most and files can be viewed and modified in both the platforms.The arrangement of settings,and file hierarchy would be almost same boosting supportability and mitigating compatibility issues.Apollo looks to offer a heretofore unseen level of integration between Microsoft’s desktop and smartphone products.

Data Management – 

Apollo will use a tool called “DataSmart” to make sure you’re able to easily track your monthly data usage.It will have inbuilt apps that would give numerous graphs and charts about your data usage habits.This option would be very important in future as in high speed 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity it would help you to keep track of your daily,monthly and yearly data usage.

Business support –

Windows Phone 8 will include full-device, hardware-accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities, just like Windows 8. Also, it will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses will be able to distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps.

Apart from the traditional office and PDF file viewer and editor , It will also have new and improved business tools to support your business communications on the go, giving a brand new definition to the online business management.

Security –

Windows Phone 8 will offer the native BitLocker encryption as Windows 8. That’s 128-bit, full-disk encryption. This could be good news for potential switchers, as built-in encryption in iOS devices reportedly has some security flaws. For Windows Phone 8, companies will also be able to create personalized, proprietary software for their employees, which Windows 8 will allow as well.

Now, does anyone besides developers use Android for enterprise applications and other apps that require high security?You might think no,But with advanced features like NFC payment system there would be requirements of added security as now your financial details will be available on the phone.So there would be no security breach of personalized data,financial details,transaction details,passwords and pins even if the phone gets stolen or mugged.And as you would be able to work on the official documents on the phone through high speed internet and cloud services , you would seriously need these security features as otherwise important company secrets may be hacked or breached.To prevent such kind of nuisance this part of the OS is very much appropriate and needed.

App-to-App communication –

This new system will provide a Windows 8 contracts-like app-to-app communications capabilities.This will definitely improve the User interface and multi tasking capabilities.

SkyDrive and Skype app. integration –

Microsoft will make your content available on all of its platforms via SkyDrive.So now it does not matter in which platform you are working on,you would always be edit,modify,display the documents and contents on the go.Sky-drive is the cloud space where you can store your data.This will decrease the risk of data loss and you don’t have to carry your files around in portable drives.You can view your files from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Sky app would enable you to use the online cloud services of Microsoft and may be in future from other vendors too.

And other important features –

  • Xbox live support and integration
  • Local Scout
  • Internet Explorer 10 Mobile
  • Camera improvements

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