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Written on:December 24, 2012
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We often try to watch TV channels online.But there are very few sites that actually show Indian Channels at real-time.But now you can view Indian TV channels on the internet with the help of VLC media player.This tutorial would show you how to watch the channel by just pumping in their appropriate streaming URL.The quality of the channels may not turn out to be as good as you would expect.This is because these streams are mainly for mobile devices with slower internet speed.Higher quality videos require more bandwidth which may not be available to all devices.

Steps To Play The Channel Streams –

1. Open VLC Media Player and Press the “CTRL” + “S” keys.
2. Now switch to Network Tab and enter any URL from below listed channels.
3. Make sure to only select the URL starting from rtsp:// and not the channel name.

  • NDTV – rtsp://
  • NDTV Profit – rtsp://
  • Times Now – rtsp://
  • Aaj Tak – rtsp://
  • CNBC Aawaz – rtsp://
  • CNBC TV 18 – rtsp://
  • Headlines Today – rtsp://
  • NDTV 24×7 – rtsp://
  • NK News – rtsp://
  • RAJ News – rtsp://
  • ETV – rtsp://
  • Studio N – rtsp://
  • SVBC – rtsp://
  • Zoo Vision – rtsp://
  • B4u Music – rtsp://
  • iMusic – rtsp://
  • Zee Tamil – rtsp://
  • Zee Kannad – rtsp://
  • Zee Bangla – rtsp://
  • Music Box – rtsp://
  • Bella Tv – rtsp://
  • Fashion Tv – rtsp://
  • Adventure – rtsp://
  • Horror – rtsp://
  • Comedy – rtsp://
  • Classic – rtsp://
  • Crime – rtsp://
  • Mystery – rtsp://
  • Clubbing Tv – rtsp://

4. Now just paste the URL the field provided like in the below image and choose Play instead of Stream from the dropdown menu.


internet tv on vlc


5. Now within seconds your streaming will start and you would be able to watch channels streaming with full voice support.

The video would take some time to buffer.If your connection is very slow, the video may lag due to lower bandwidth.Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.Feel free to leave comments …


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