USB Memory Stick Cum Watch – Now Carry Your DATA with Style

Written on:April 17, 2012
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Cloud services has made it possible to have all our data available anytime anywhere.But there is a serious disadvantage of that.You must have an internet connection to access all the data.Now even though internet services are now easily available everywhere as WiFi , WiMax , 4G , 3G , 2G and ETC.But you never know when you desperately need some data and you don’t have an internet connection available.Now other than this instance there are other problems to.I mean if you needed a bigger file which would take a while to download but you cant wait that long.Or if the speed of your internet connection turns out to be slow.Now there can be so many problems using the cloud technology.




But now there is another way of carrying your data easily.Pen drives or external hard drives are a hassle to carry around.And there are chances of them getting lost.So now there is a new concept of carrying data in style.An Watch cum Pen drive.The sleek and stylish looks of the gadget is really stunning.More over you don’t need to additionally charge or replace batteries for the watch.Its internal battery will be charged automatically while its connected to the Laptop or PC through an USB port.




That way you don’t need to carry additional hardware with you.What’s more, every time you hook it up it syncs in automatically with the computer’s time. The Directed display shows you the actual memory status on the touch of a button.The USB watch concept has been designed by Yoon-jin Gon, Yoon-tae Myoung & Kim Sung Hun and after a quick 10 minute dock in a computers USB port will have enough power to keep the time for up to a week.




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