Thermalright Xbox 360 Heat sink – Price , Specification , Features and Detailed review

Written on:March 6, 2012
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Thermalright XBOX 360 Heatsink




Hardcore gamers rule their gaming consoles all day long.I personally don’t blame them…The games are in fact pretty damn addictive.And with higher graphics and better special effects the games have become more realistic and entertaining.Now a days gaming has become one of the most popular recreational activity.




But can your gaming console give you flawless entertainment for hours without getting hot and having an breakdown?With normal hardware the consoles overheat in between a couple of hours.The all new Thermalright XBOX 360 heat-sink is specially made for the XBOX 360 GPU to keep it running for hours without getting overheated.The typical heat-sinks have small surface area which can dissipate a limited amount of heat at a time.But this heat-sink has higher surface area with specially designed fins which promote heat dissipation and keeps the temperature of the components  under control.




Special features –

  • Designed for the XBOX 360 GPU, to provide better cooling and heat dissipation, reduces the chances of break down, and prolongs GPU usage.
  • Four dedicated heat-pipe design.
  • Nickel plated heat-sink, and soldered with the finest work.
  • Specially designed fins and added surface area to dissipate more amount of heat in unit time

*Note:If you are considering of installing the TR 360 into your XBOX, please be advised that you should have the knowledge of dissembling the XBOX 360,and should bear any risks involved during the dissembling.


xbox heat sink


Heat-sink Specifications –

  • Dimension: Length 178mm x Width 171mm x Height 52.7mm
  • Weight: 275g
  • Heat-pipe: 6mm heat-pipe*4 units
  • Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper with nickel plated




  • Excellent cooling results
  • Very good compatibility and design


  • No instructional manual.
  • Covers the CPU heat-sink from 3 sides and thus the temperature of CPU rises more quickly.
  • Heat-sink touches with capacitor in old xenon consoles and sometimes with the air duct
  • A little messy to install.


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Price –

This is still not available in Indian market officially.But you can import from US which will cost about Rs. 2500/-  and Taxes…


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