Sun Table – The solar table – Price , Specification and Details

Written on:January 21, 2012
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As the Fossil fuels are getting scarce day by day we are now desparate to search for an alternative source of energy.We are now totally dependent on gadgets,and gadgdets are dependent on electricity.Our modern life as we know it would totally shut down without electricity.So many approaches are being made to search for alternative sources of energy.So far solar energy has proved to be very efficient and widely accepted.The only drawback of solar energy is that the initial cost is very high.But in the long run it serves quite well.




Sun table is a outdoor table with solar panels,batteries and other hardware that can convert the solar energy into electricity and store it for future use.The Sun Table was created by product designers Devang A. Shah and Mike Low of New York City. Ease of use and low impact were the guiding principles in its creation.After four hours of charging, the table provides four hours of 12V. This table has an inbuilt inverter and inbuilt generator, so that we can plug our gadgets to charge into it. The following are the table’s specifications Body, Solar panel, Inverter, Outlet Meters and Legs.



• 45 pounds / 20.4 kg
• Teak molding and structure
• Stainless legs and hardware
• Designed for the outdoors
• Hand-assembled in New York



Power –

64 Watt Solar Panel
13 Ah @ 12V Battery Storage (156 Watt / hours)
Fully charges in 4 hours of direct sunlight

12V DC or 120V AC with included inverter
Max output is 150 watts
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, 100% recyclable, no toxins




Solar Panel:
• Unbreakable construction
• 64 Watt multicrystalline panel
• Functions even if partially covered
• Triple junction silicon solar cells
• Polymer encapsulation, no glass
• Can be shot and still function

• Inverter Included – creates 120V AC
• Powers laptops, stereos, etc
• Plugs into 12V output on table




Outlet Meters:
• 12V DC outlet with watertight cap
• Voltage meter displays battery voltage
• Hour meter displays hours table has been activated

• Stainless steel
• 1.5 inch diameter
• Legs remove for shipping and storage
• Feet are adjustable height




• The cost of the table is $2200

Price in India – This table can be ordered worldwide from and it would cost about 1 lacks.


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