Samsung announces Exynos 5250 2GHz chipset – New Chipset for powering Smartphones and Tablets

Written on:March 24, 2012
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The Samsung Galaxy S 2 was powered by Exynos 4210 which was massively popular.The chip-set is just perfect for mobile computing.Awesome graphics and computing power and low power consumption packed within a compact design is the key features that a mobile chip-set should have.But seems like Samsung is not satisfied with the results so they are going for another powerful update.They just want to be the pioneers of modern mobile computing hardware architecture.Samsung has gone ahead and released the high-end version of the Exynos – the Exynos 5250. The new Exynos 5250 comes with a Cortex A15 ARM CPU.

For the Exynos 5250 everything is in twos – 2 cores, with 2GHz clock speed , Memory bandwidth is a staggering 12.8 GB/s and 2560×1600 pixels of WQXGA screen. Samsung also claims that 3D graphics performance of the Exynos is 2 times better than it’s predecessor.




Samsung has new plans to increase the Graphical performance of the new chip-sets by 400% than the previous ones.The Smartphone and tablet market would be flooded with high performance quad core processor in the next few years.So obviously Samsung needs to work on their product and try to improve them.But so long the company is doing a great job.The next generation SoC race is definitely heating up with silicon from major players such as Qualcomm (Snapdragon S4 “Krait”) and Texas Instruments (OMAP 5) all expected to ramp up production soon.Apple is also working on their A6.We can expect a tough battle in between these companies for the Mobile and Tablet market.


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