Official Facebook Smiley Now In Your Chat Window – Facebook Launched New Smiley Feature For Chat

Written on:June 22, 2012
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facebook official smiley logo


Facebook chat supported a few number of smileys before.But users had really hard time using them as there was no option to directly add the smileys into you chat.You had to use the manual codes for putting the smileys in your chat.But Facebook smileys became very much popular lately.There are hundreds of smiley codes available now for Facebook chat.


facebook official smiley function


There are some very popular smileys that Facebook users frequently use.But its a hassle to always manually enter the codes every time you need to use one smiley.So Facebook has launched a function in the chat window from where you can see the smileys and directly use them with just one click.They have also included the like button.


facebook official smiley list view


You can find the smiley icon just at the lower right corner of Facebook chat window.Click on the icon and a list of most popularly used smileys would pop up.You can click on any of the smileys from there to use it in your chat.As simple as that…


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  1. kiki says:

    wow.thanks man for the info.I did not have a clue about how to use the smileys on Facebook.Now it has become a lot easier.thanks for the update.keep them coming.

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