Lava and Intel are working togather to launch Medfield powered Android phones

Written on:February 28, 2012
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Lava and Intel is working together in a partnership to launch Medfield powered smartphones in India. Intel’s previously announced Lenovo partnership begins to work in China, while the Orange announcement earlier this week kicks off in Europe.



According to the report, Lava is expected to launch its first Intel Atom Z2460 (Medfield) powered smartphone as soon as April. Lava will start a new smartphone-oriented brand for this.It might sound surprising that Intel is running to local makers to market its chips, but considering that bigger ones aren’t much enthusiastic towards its chips, this certainly makes sense. India and China have a lot of opportunity, which needs to be tapped.




Lava International is an India based Mobile device manufacturing company which has just started to make its mark on the Market.This will certainly give them a boost and help them to grow much faster.From the psychological point of view,this is a great opportunity for Lava to shine.No matter how good Indian electronic brands become,people don’t tend to trust them as compared to the other well established companies .So it becomes very hard for new companies to make place in the market and compete with the other big companies.But Now as Intel has trusted Lava , People would definitely consider Lava as an option and give the deserving value to the brand.




The second announcement was a partnership with device manufacturer ZTE. Similar to the Motorola partnership announced at CES, ZTE committed to a multi-year partnership where it will build smartphones and tablets with Intel SoCs. The first Intel powered ZTE devices will ship by the end of this year.

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