Keyword Optimization And Importance Of Target Keywords

Written on:October 16, 2012
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Even though search engines like Google have changed their search result indexing algorithms to penalize Key word stuffing and other malpractices, Still using proper keywords is very essential for search engine optimization.The secret of higher ranking website still lies in better content creation.But keyword optimization is also important.Unorganized great contents may end up getting lower ranks in search indexes.

Tips For Keyword Optimization –

  • Create great content then think about appropriate keywords which should be used with the content.
  • Do not create contents based on previously determined Keywords.That way you will end up creating keyword stuffed lower quality content.
  • Keep track of popular search terms.Do keyword research on the internet.There are various online tools available for that ( Example – Google Trends )
  • Use Keywords carefully.Don’t just stuff keywords here and there in your articles creating complex and meaningless sentences.Repetitive use of keywords does not improve index ranks.
  • Use most appropriate keywords in your contents.Use Keywords that users are most likely to use to search for your website.
  • You must determine relevant keywords for your website.Keywords can determine who reaches to your site through search results and who does not.Misleading keywords may attract users initially but as soon as they find out that your website does not contain what they were looking for, they bounce back to next best alternative search result increasing your bounce rate and decreasing your search rankings…
  • Use online tools like Keyword Playground to find out popular target keywords related to your content.
  • Use plural or longer variations of keywords to increase the opportunity for your site to pop up on search engines.For example, using “accountant” as your keyword may not result in hits from people who search for “accounting” or “accountants.”
  • Unfair use of target keywords may result in penalty.Search engines may penalize the site by temporarily or permanently removing the site from their search results.


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