How To Track A Stolen Laptop ?

Written on:January 3, 2013
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How To Track A Stolen Laptop ?


Quick Heal Technologies has come up with a great new service which would allow users to track their stolen laptop easily and hopefully locate their position. is a free online service that allows users to trace your stolen laptop and locate their geographical position.This website is designed to act as a portal to unite the laptop-using community, law enforcement authorities and the Quick Heal team to share information and to combat the growing menace of laptop theft.

The principal of this service is pretty simple.Every computer has its unique physical address or Media Access Control ID (MAC ID) depending on which every computer can be individually identified.One computer can have more than one MAC addresses. This is because MAC addresses are attached physically to the network adapter hardware and not to the base computer itself. Computers with multiple network adapters installed (sometimes called multihomed systems) therefore possess multiple unique MAC addresses. When you connect to the internet with a computer the MAC address gets verified and logged by the ISP. After that the computer’s geological location can be traced depending on the IP address.


How To Track A Stolen Laptop ?


To avail this service you need to register your laptop to Register with your Personal Details, Laptop details and MAC addresses. If you don’t know how to find your laptop’s MAC address, just use this tool to identify them.

This is a free service from Quick Heal Technologies for both Quick Heal users and Non Users. The technology would help the cyber crime departments and law enforcement departments of the country and help to retrieve stolen laptops and reduce laptop theft.


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