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Written on:December 14, 2011
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smsIt is more expensive to send the SMSs from your mobile. To make you spend less amount this tool is the finest solution for you. Specially as now TRAI has limited the maximum outgoing message to 200/day it has really become a huge problem for some people who has a lot of friends and sends a lot of messages daily.There are a lot of free sms sites like, and blah blah…But all of them are really pathetic to use.First of all they limit the characters to merely 80 to 120 which is really not sufficient and then additionally they add small text ads and referring links which are really annoying.Secondly the smses which are sent from these sites come from different service massage gateways.that’s why they can not be received in mobile numbers which have DND functionality on.Different texts or site-name or username appears in the place of source number in those massages.

sms send onlineSo there may seem no way of sending sms from online for free which will appear just as if you have sent it to the destination number from your own mobile.But fortunately there is a site which offers just the kind of free ad free sms facility.Moreover you can send smses to those numbers to which have DND activated.Actually the sent sms appears just as if it was sent from a mobile number.In the place of source number, the mobile number of the sender will appear as usual making it impossible to understand for the receiver that the sms is sent from a website and not from the senders mobile. logo


GO TO and register with your mobile number and start sending free ad free sms.

Moreover they have increased the maximum character support to 320 characters which is really great.They are providing this incredible service all for free.The only source of income is the ads they show on their website.So go ahead and try it.Its the best free sms sending site I have ever seen…

Update –

Another great new site i found offering kind of same service with no registration needed.But in this site the massages will be sent from an anonymous number.This service provides free international massaging with full 160 characters.The SMSes are ad free.Very useful service in some circumstances and situations .You can also try to prank your friends with this service.But please use this service carefully and responsibly.

Check out —>

Have Fun and be creative with these Free SMS sending links.Stay tuned for more info…

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  1. administrator says:

    very good site.try it…

  2. manish joshi says:

    Group SMS is disabled…..

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