How to Re-Enable/Re-Activate Task Manager and other services after virus attack or system corruption

Written on:April 6, 2012
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Re-Enable v2 Portable


Computer viruses are very annoying and harmful.Now a days viruses are very efficient and steathy.They spread though various mediums like Internet connection,Email,Pen drives or other infected external drives,Use of Infected wares and Files etc.But most of the viruses shuts down some important services in the system immediately after infection which leads to frequent system crash and errors.They most of the time shuts down the task manager in-order to hide the background processes which are being run by the virus.So that way you cant kill those processes manually.

Apart from Task manager other services are also shut down by the virus which makes it very hard to distinguish and identify the virus processes and files.Like the FOLDER OPTIONS would be disabled so you cant make the Hidden or System Folders visible where generally virus core files are located.System Restore would also be disabled so that you cant restore your computer to the pre-infected state.Registry Editor would also be disabled making the user unable to edit the registry changes which have been manipulated by the virus.




But now there is a tool designed for Windows operating system which may help you in such situation.Re-Enable was designed to repair the left over damage caused by Viruses,Malware,Trojans.This tool will help you to fix any errors and making services live again.

Re-Enable is a all-in-one tool that restores important Windows functions that virus’s & Malware disable to prevent there removal and cause problems for windows users.In one click you can restore the functionality of the Windows Registry editor – Command prompt – System Restore – Safe mode and much more.


 Main Features –

Restore F8 safe mode menu
Registry editor
Command console “cmd”
System restore
Start menu Run command
Task manager
Task scheduler
Safe mode
Right click context menu
My computer properties
Folder options
Windows explorer search
start menu search
Reset file and folder attributes
Ms Config
Restore explorer registry key
Re-enable will also edit hosts file
Scan and delete Autorun.inf files


*Requires Microsoft .net framework 3.5 Sp1 or above. Or for none .net framework Pc’s there’s
a portable version ,I would recommend that you use the .net version as its size is considerably
smaller or use the installer version.
Portable version runs on any pc or laptop that doesn’t have .net framework installed because
the .net framework is included in the code ,this is why the size is larger than the normal exe
*Remember to right click and run this software as an administrator in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.



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