How to pre order the BSNL PENTA TAB TPAD IS701R with Special Launch Offer

Written on:March 7, 2012
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Special Launch Offer




As a promotional offer, BSNL has announced a special scheme of 3 months of Data Download for free with the T-Pad IS701R tablet. As a part of this promotional scheme, the T-Pad IS701R will come bundled with a 2G SIM Card from BSNL. As per BSNL, if the customer uses this special Penta 2G data plan for one year, the entire cost of the tablet would be recovered, effectively making it free for the consumer.

Details of the Tablet and the promotional offer can be found here

The Most Affordable TPAD

Article No : IS701RB

Price : Rs. 3999.00 /-

*Item description may vary depending on place,time,stock and availability of the product.

To Pre order the T-Pad IS701R with the promotional offer – 


Click Here


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