How to pre-order Apple Watch in India

Written on:April 13, 2015
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The release date of the most anticipated, most talked about and most fancied smart watch has officially been confirmed. The Apple Watch became available for pre-order at 8.01am on 10 April and some lucky shoppers who quickly ordered online will get their watch on Friday 24 April, others will have to wait until June.

For Indian consumers pre-ordering the Apple Watch is possible., one of India’s leading cross border e-retailer has announced that all the models of Apple Watch are available for pre-order on their portal. Click on the link below to visit their portal.

Pre-order Apple Watch from Grabmore

The expected date of release is 24th April. Note that the Apple Watch will be sold by Grabmore USA and will be imported to India. The product ships in 2-3 Business Days from their Warehouse in USA. Item will reach to all Indian destination in 7-15 Business Days. Price includes all customs duties and shipping charge

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  1. Applehguy says:

    Please tell me when i can get it delivered after ordering… please tell me if you have any gift coupon or discount coupon for buying apple watch…

  2. Applehguy says:

    Do you have any discount coupon? Any gift coupon or promotional code?

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