How to Post Status Update Up-Side-Down – Post Fliped text on Facebook,Twitter,Google plus,Orkut or other social networks

Written on:February 26, 2012
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Social networks are very fun to use.The place is crowded with friends and you never feel alone.But in that crowd you must stand out to get the amount of attention  you deserve.The best way to grab such attention is to post creative and funny updates.If you want to post creatively on any social networks like facebook,twitter etc…there is a very good idea.


flip status update facebook twitter


you can use the text flipper gadget below to create some amazing text effects using flipped mirror power. Well the concept is simple you writer your text in the box above and than click on FLIP TEXT to flip it and create a mirror image from it.

So you can see how status flipping works in the above example.Visit and create some awesome status updates.Have fun and enjoy unlimited flipping.


flip status update facebook twitter

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