How To Create Your Own Google+ ID Card Online

Written on:September 15, 2012
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Google plus now has become fairly popular not in terms of a social network but in terms of a social gallery.Of course it helps people to connect with others through its Connectivity, Sharing and Unique Hangout featues.But most people use Google plus to create their social profile.Its like a gallery of peoples social identities.It is search engine friendly which makes it easily searchable through various search engines.

Previously Facebook added a feature where users can create their personal Facebook timeline cards and buy them through ID card is something similar to that concept.Its a method through which you can create your own ID card with the details of your Google+ account.You just need to submit your Google+ ID , Nickname and Joining Date to generate a simple .PNG picture file containing your unique ID card.There are four colour schemes available to choose from.

Steps to create your personal Google+ ID card –

  • Visit
  • Paste your Google+ ID which you can get from your Google+ Profile URL
  • Add a preferable Nickname
  • Click Generate and you image will start downloading on your PC.

The cards may turn out to be very useful as it contains fair amount of details.The website would render information from your Google+ account and automatically add them to the card.The picture will also be added automatically from your Google+ accounts profile picture.The best feature of the card is that it would also have a QR code linking to your Google+ profile address.

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