Google Services Are Going To Get 30% Faster In Asia Thanks To New Asian Data Centers

Written on:January 2, 2013
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Google Services has become a necessity now a days.We use Google services like GMail, YouTube, Google Search etc. everyday.Even though Google’s servers are very much reliable and maintains their top notch performance, still occasionally some lags has been in their quality of service specially in the Asian countries. On the other hand the growing number of internet users are putting more and more pressure on the servers which occasionally slows down the server response.Even though the speed of internet connectivity in India is not very high, still high speed internet services are getting more feasible to people day by day due to technological improvement and demand.


Google Services Are Going To Get 30% Faster In Asia Thanks To New Asian Data Centers


So to manage the increasing traffic, Google is going to launch new data centers in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Work on the data centers began back in 2011 and is expected to be completed in early 2013.These data centers would make the Google services 30% faster in the Asian countries.Google kept the exact locations of the Data Centers secret for the sake of Data Security

The closer the data centers are, the faster the services would get.Now Asian users can load YouTube Videos faster and see the search results appear quicker.It would also have a positive impact on Google’s Video chat and Google Plus Handout as these services require higher bandwidth and faster internet speed.


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