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Written on:April 28, 2012
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Finally Google Drive is Here.Yes Google has launched its Cloud based file storage and Sync service on April 24, 2012.Google Drive is a replacement of Google Docs once activated and replaces the URL with

One of the most important Google Drive features is the support for third-party apps. Now you’re no longer limited to Google’s word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation app and you can use web apps developed by other companies.

The 3rd party Google Drive apps can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. These apps, running in Google Chrome, are operating on the online files, and can be used to edit images and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flowcharts.Its said that Google Drive would offer at-least 30 different file-types to open and edit online on the go.And the more these 3rd party apps will increase in number the more amount of file-types will be supported bu Google Drive in future.




Google released a SDK for Google Drive apps and there are already 18 apps that use it. Users are required to install a Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store for each Google Drive app, but they don’t have to use Chrome. Google’s dev blog informs that “Drive apps are distributed from the Chrome Web Store and can be used with any modern browser.”To integrate a third-party app with Google Drive, the app sends you to a page that asks for your permission. The authorization process fails if you load the page without installing the Chrome Web Store app. As Google says, “apps will not have any API access to files unless the app has been installed in Chrome Web Store.” Chrome apps are only used to allow the third-party apps to use the Drive API, but they can be uninstalled immediately after they’re installed and all the features will work in Chrome and any other browser.




With Google Drive, you can –

  • Create and collaborate. Google Docs is built right into Google Drive, so you can work with others in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Once you choose to share content with others, you can add and reply to comments on anything (PDF, image, video file, etc.) and receive notifications when other people comment on shared items.
  • Store everything safely and access it anywhere (especially while on the go). All your stuff is just… there. You can access your stuff from anywhere—on the web, in your home, at the office, while running errands and from all of your devices. You can install Drive on your Mac or PC and can download the Drive app to your Android phone or tablet. We’re also working hard on a Drive app for your iOS devices. And regardless of platform, blind users can access Drive with a screen reader.
  • Search everything. Search by keyword and filter by file type, owner and more. Drive can even recognize text in scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Let’s say you upload a scanned image of an old newspaper clipping. You can search for a word from the text of the actual article. We also use image recognition so that if you drag and drop photos from your Grand Canyon trip into Drive, you can later search for [grand canyon] and photos of its gorges should pop up. This technology is still in its early stages, and we expect it to get better over time.




There are many advantages of New storage plans over the Old Storage plans –

Overview of old plans vs. new plans –

Old storage plans New storage plans
Free storage:

  • 7+ GB in Gmail
  • 1 GB in Google Docs (uploaded files only)
  • 1 GB in Picasa
  • Unlimited in Google+
Free storage:

  • 10 GB in Gmail
  • 5 GB in Google Drive
  • 1 GB in Picasa
  • Unlimited in Google+
Purchased storage shared across:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Picasa
Purchased storage shared across:

  • Google Drive (synced/uploaded files only)
  • Picasa
  • Automatically get additional but separate Gmail storage.
Automatically renew yearly Automatically renew monthly
Non-refundable Non-refundable
Storage can’t be transferred to a different account Storage can’t be transferred to a different account
Pricing structure (prices are yearly)

  • 20 GB – $5
  • 80 GB – $20
  • 200 GB – $50
  • 400 GB – $100
  • 1 TB – $256
  • 2 TB – $512
  • 4 TB – $1024
  • 8 TB – $2048
  • 16 TB – $4096
Pricing structure (prices are monthly)

  • 25 GB – $2.49
  • 100 GB – $4.99
  • 200 GB – $9.99
  • 400 GB – $19.99
  • 1 TB – $49.99
  • 2 TB – $99.99
  • 4 TB – $199.99
  • 8 TB – $399.99
  • 16 TB – $799.99

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