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Written on:May 10, 2012
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Now a days internet marketing is very important.All the companies are trying to reach maximum exposure through world wide web.Online advertisement , Search engine optimization , Social media integration and a good website have become a necessity to establish a brand and draw maximum attention of the consumers.To increase the loyal number of visitors and to create a wide email newsletter circle some of the companies now a days require the users to register to their website in order to use or enjoy their services.And later they start spamming your inbox with their newsletters.




Many people are annoyed from the repeated spamming.Change email IDs in order to get rid of those spam emails is a good idea but that way you also loose contacts to your online friends.In most of the cases to use the Web services you must register to those sites and confirm the email account through a verification mail.There are mainly two alternatives to stop this nuisance,

Either have one primary email ID for personal and important stuffs and another alternative email ID for registering to those websites

or use a temporary email address to register to those websites and after registration just dispose of the email account.




In case of having an alternative email ID the problem is that you would need to log out of your primary email ID and log in to the alternative email ID every time you wish to resister to any of the websites.From that point of view using a temporary email ID is a very easy and convenient method.

There are a lot of websites that provide Temporary and Disposable email IDs.Top Ten of them are listed here –

Check out the website and try out all of them.Find out the best that suites your needs and leave comments and feedbacks.


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