FREE Anti Virus Softwares for 6 Months from Facebook Security – Norton,McAfee,Trend Micro,Sophos and many more to choose from

Written on:April 28, 2012
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Facebook is trying to make the online experience of the users more pleasant and secure.Facebook is not only a social network now.It has become more and more interactive and useful to us day by day.We spend a lot of time reading journals,Playing games,Watching videos and even shopping online though many eCommerce app stores.Facebook deals with many confidential and sensitive datas of the users.So strengthening the security is the most important step now.




But Facebook as a website is quite secure.Even though no online system can be made fool proof but still Facebook maintains quite good security measures.But only server side security is not enough.The users computer and connection should be secure too.That can not be controlled by the Facebook team.It has to be maintained by the user himself.To encourage the users to use Updated antivirus softwares Facebook has partnered with some Antivirus Farms and Companies to provide the users free antivirus for the first 6 months.Download and Use your own copy now…


Facebook Security : The Anti Virus Market


Facebook Antivirus Marketplace is the place which provides all those Antiviruses for free. It includes Microsoft Security Essential which is free, Norton Antivirus provided free for 6 months, McAfee Antivirus provided free for 6 months, Trend Micro Internet Security provided free for 6 months and Sophos Antivirus for Mac provided for free.

Steps to Download –

  • Log in to your Facebook Account
  • Goto this link –> Facebook AV Market
  • Remember you are only allowed to download 1 Antivirus of your choice by clicking Download
  • Choose the Antivirus you need
  • Click on Download Now
  • Click on Log in using your account so make sure to give it access and than like the Antivirus Page and than your download will start.

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