Direct download Torrent file with IDM (Internet Download Manager) or any other download manager over HTTP Protocol

Written on:March 26, 2012
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Download torrents directly with idm


The torrent (P2P) protocol has become very popular to share large files all over the internet.But downloading a torrent file is not that easy.You need a torrent client to download the torrents from the internet and you must have a socket internet connection also.Now there are some ISPs which block the socket connection and only open up the port 80 for HTTP request to pass through. That way you can only browse the websites as most of them use the general port 80 but can not download torrent as generally torrent uses another ports.

So whats the solution ? …You need an intermediate medium which can download the torrent for you on their server and then let you download the file over HTTP protocol from their was the pioneer to this technology.But they have shut down the site and all its services.No one knows the actual reason for the closure of the site but everyone is guessing that the SOPA and PIPA legislations were the main reason behind that.Anyways what ever the reason was, the bottom line is that is not available anymore.There were some alternative sites also but they too were shutdown.




But finally the ZBIGZ.COM came.Its an wonderful site to download torrents from over HTTP protocol.You can just directly download the torrent files with any download manager like Internet Download Manager.

Steps to Download –

1) Go to any torrent listing or tracking site ( like Piratebay,Isohunt etc)

2) Search for torrent that you want to download.

3) Download the .torrent file or copy the Magnet link

4) Go to the ZBIGZ.COM

5) Paste the Magnet link into the field or Upload the .torrent file by clicking the upload option under the field.

6) Hit the GO option

7) Now the torrent file would start to download on their server.Wait until the download Option gets green. As soon as the download option gets green , Hit the download option and download the torrent file directly over HTTP protocol with any download manager.




Note – This website is not anyhow connected with ZBIGZ.COM.Download torrents from that site at you own risk.We will not be responsible for anything regarding any third party link or website like ZBIGZ.COM.

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