DC Beats – Futuristic Modified Concept Car Design

Written on:April 15, 2015
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DC Beat new dc car price in india


Concept: This Chevrolet hatchback redesigned edition sure can BEAT the competition. Whether it’s the petite facade or the interiors, the Chevrolet Beat is style personified.A brand new beat customized by Dilip Chhabria and gave a new sporty look from outside and grand luxury look inside the cockpit.

Features: The Beat has probably gone on to be a favorite among hatchback lovers. DC has added his signature touch to the Chevrolet while keeping the car grounded to its popular design. With its bright design, the Beat shouts out to the world about its redefined persona with throbbing inner decor.Everything from the steering wheel and gear knob to the prolific dash exhibits urbane features. The stock wheels get swapped for custom alloyed renditions. While, the Beat’s posterior lights are re-framed to complete the elegant finish.


dc beat price in india


At the onset, the car’s facade looks mundane. But, glean closer and you’ll notice a reworked grille, a quite fine looking back spoiler and accentuated curves going all the way to the back.Get past the glazed panes to look at the fully decked up interior. Right from the chrome fitted steering to audio display mounted on it, every nook and corner is redesigned. The seats don’t get spared as well. Pampered by stylish leather the seats are unparalleled by other hatchback offerings.

  • A new designed body-kit is fitted to the beat car which gives a sporty look
  • Set of head lamp and set of tail lamp are changed and replaced with new customized head lamp and tail lamps sets. In the head set a pair of high quality xenon lights are fitted for brighter light and fog lamps are also changed.
  • Spoiler is fitted on the tail top has it looks sporty for the car.
  • 5-Twin Spoke light weight alloy wheels are replaced and a low-profile tiers.Inside the Cockpit of beat
  • Steering is replaced a new designed steering with lcd display on it.*Multifunctional LCD screen meter is added.
  • Dashboard is replaced with a new customized Designer dash-board, And it contains two high quality speakers fitted on each end of the dash-board,Bluetooth,CD-player and climate control and may more.
  • Seating’s inside the cockpit are of high quality and designed as high comfort. They have made more spacious inside the cockpit. The interior color is matches the color of the car.

Price in India –

This luxury car would cost around Rs. 9.5 Lakh ( Expected) in Indian market. The price mentioned here is an expected value. This price may vary depending upon the car type, intensity of modification and features, market forces and place.

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