DC Ambierod – Marvelous Luxury Concept Car Design

Written on:April 15, 2015
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New DC Cars DC Ambierod


Concept: The car was unveiled in 2008 Auto Expo. Touted as the most costly car which has been displayed at the Delhi Auto Expo you better believe this car is the epitome of DC designs.Exhibiting intelligent design, this retro-futuristic vehicle has its roots in the legendary Ambassador. DC’s philosophy of creating designs that strikes an emotional chord are apparent in the car.The car has been designed using the advanced digital mapping process, which ensures a class leading accuracy and quality of fidelity. While having an Indian identity of an Ambassador, the looks are a takeoff and inspired by the American Hotrods and beyond. On the outside, pure nostalgia. On the inside, pure luxury.

Features: It’s a perfect as semblance of the latest in technology, comfort, luxury and yes – looks to die for!The Ambierod will change the manner we look at cars. Taking a cue from the hotrods (USA) this car has the best of both worlds. Named the Ambierod, this is a concept car showcasing DC designs flagship makeover.


New DC Cars DC Ambierod luxury design


Being the unique car it is, don’t expect a decent price tag on the Ambierod. It will come equipped with an automated instrumental overlay fitted with a sat-nav system, rear display camera and LCD tellys. Also included are a flat bed housed with mood-lighting, Internet and video-conferencing abilities.The engine is a revved up V-12 rendition with the interiors resembling those on a first-class jet liner.

  • It’s a real world car with .85mm steel body in white, with hydro pneumatic suspension and 3-seat configuration.
  • Large powered Gull Wing doors, 22-inch wheels, all lend an immensely masculine visage coupled to a V-12 engine.
  • Ambierod has interiors like that of a first class Jet Liner.
  • The IP (Instrument Panel) has an advanced ‘carputer’, which automates the driving functions using satellite navigation system.
  • Ambierod has 3 LCD TV screens, varying from 10 inches to 19 inches, and has the facility of internet mobility and videoconferencing. Music and movies can be had on demand. There are live engine sensors, which updates on the engine rpm, fuel capacity, efficiency etc.

Price in India –

This luxury car would cost around Rs. 4 Crore ( Rs. 40 Million ) in Indian Market.


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