Cool Facebook Chat Image Text Generator – How to generate cool chat text for Facebook chat ?

Written on:June 17, 2012
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Facebook chat is a very good way to communicate with friends and express your emotions.There are a lot of interactive ways to have fun on Facebook chat.Using smileys,Using pictures,Using coloured texts are some of those few ways to attract some solid attention and express yourself in style.Now adding to that there is another way to make your Facebook chat experience extra special.Now you can send image texts and say whatever you like in Bold and attractive looking letters.


facebook text generator


Go to this site.Write whatever you want in the Type-in box.The site would generate chat codes in another box.Copy those chat codes and paste them directly to the Facebook chat window and hit enter. Have fun and be creative with this new Facebook chat tweak.Chat with exclusivity and grab a lot of attention.Make new friends and impress girls…


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