CloudFlare Review – Increase your sites performance and protect your site – Google Adsense Compatibility Details,Helps and Fixes

Written on:January 26, 2012
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Cloudflare Gave New Life To My Website




I was very unhappy with my host for past few days for the poor performance of the servers and lack of speed.My website was taking forever to load.So I started to google about fixing these issues.I didn’t want to change my host as usually they are great, and I like their service.So I came across with the idea of getting a CDN or content delivery network which increases your sites performance by uploading the static contents on their servers worldwide.I started to search for free CDN services just for a trial.That is when I came across Cloudflare.




Cloudflare works as a reverse proxy and does mainly 2 things.Increase your sites performance and Protect your site from unknown threats.But to use that service I had to change my DNS settings which I was very insecure about as it would totally give Cloudflare control over my website.But as I understood the services and details about the system how Cloudflare works , it became obvious to me that changing name-servers is the easiest way of implementing a CDN with your website.Otherwise you would have to upload the static files yourself on the CDN network which would have been very hard and time consuming.I was skeptical at first. I mean, a service that requires you to change your DNS hosting is asking a lot. It didn’t take long for me to realize how beneficial the 5-minute setup was.




So, I changed my name-servers.Previously my website loading speed was about 12 seconds for the Index page.To my surprise,Cloudflare reduced that down to 3.5 seconds.It was awesome.Even with the default settings it was doing far more than I expected.But the problem was the log records.The original IP of the visitors did not pass through the Cloudfare server so my server logs showing only Cloudflare IPs .




At first it did not seemed a problem to me.But I have adsense ads implemented in my website.So I was worried about whether adsense system is going to contradict with cloudflare or not.Then my friend suggested that probably Google adsense server would also have logs of cloudflare IPs only and they might suspect that i am using bots to improve my earnings.I really loved what cloudflare did with my site and wanted to continue using that service,but i can not loose my adsense account for that as adsense is the only source of funding for all the expenses regarding my website.


Is adsense compatible with Cloudflare ?

I googled and came to know that Google ad codes are based on java language.They execute after loading on the browser and get the ads from Google’s ad servers directly.So the request of ads directly goes from the visitors browser to the googles ad server.They never pass through the server of Clouflare.Clearly there should be no incompatibility issues.

There are a lot of speculations and misconceptions on the internet regarding Cloudflare and its compatibility with Adsense.But so far , I have found nothing with good proof or logic.


Then why my Daily page view count and adsense earnings are reduced after using cloudflare ?

Yes,My Adsense earning reduced by about 10-15% after implementing Cloudflare.My Daily page view count was reduced by about 25-30%.At first I was clueless but after doing some research I found out the reason.




I was so obsessed with the CDN aspect of Cloudflare that I almost forgot the other important function of Clouflare.Cloudflare also protects your websites from unknown threats.When I tried to view my website from my smart-phone in order to check how Cloudflare CDN works with Mobile browser I found a security confirmation page.

At that point I understood the reason of reduced page-view counts and reduced Adsense earnings.Cloudflare was blocking the bots and malicious crawlers from entering my website.That’s why the page view count was reduced.But if so ,then what about Adsense earning?why they also were reduced?

Actually with bots and crawlers Cloudflare was also blocking a significant amount of real traffic to my site.That’s why Adsense earnings from those traffics were reduced too.Cloudflare server would block an IP if any of the computers using that IP is infected or compromised or even suspected as a potential threat.People unknowingly having bots in their system were not allowed to enter my site.And another point is the psychological aspect.Suppose you found my sites link in Google search results searching for some query.On entering my site you are faced with a captcha screen.You would probably not waste time entering the captcha , and move on to the next best search result.I would have done the same as captchas are very irritating.People were bouncing back to alternative sites instead of entering the captcha code to verify them as Human beings.So that’s why a significant number of real traffic was being reduced by Cloudflare and as a result  my Adsense earning suffered.


How to Fix that ?

To fix that Go to Cloudflare settings and select basic security level to Essentially off.Adjust your basic security level to modify CloudFlare’s protection behavior. A low security setting will challenge only the most threatening visitors. A high security setting will challenge all visitors that have exhibited threatening behavior. Essentially off will act only against the most grievous offenders.I recommend starting out at medium.

That Fixed the problem.I also put a few security setting to the minimum as my site does not have any particular threats.I know that makes my site vulnerable but its better than not using the Cloudflare at all.


Few Fixes and Tips –

  • Do not switch on Auto minify option.First of all its a BETA version and has lots of bugs.When i switched it on, my Word-press script started to malfunction as “Auto minify” was messing with the java scripts.Secondly Google ads are java script based.Google strictly recommends not to modify the ad codes.I don’t know what “Auto minify” was doing to my Google codes.So for the sake of security and reliability i switched off the “Auto minify” option.
  • Avoid rocket Automatically asynchronously load your JavaScript resources, resulting in faster page rendering. But With rocket loader Switched On, it became very annoying to browse my site.Java scripts are an essential part of Word-press and other Content management systems.Rocket loader was completely messing with the Java scripts and loading them at the very end.Google ads were loading after the page has completely been loaded which is very annoying from the perspective of the user.

let me make it clear that I’m not using any affiliate links from Cloudflare here. I genuinely love CloudFlare’s technology and believe that everyone should be informed.I am just sharing my experiences and understandings which I hope would help the readers to take the best decision.


Few things which are unclear to me –

  • How does Cloudflare make money out of the free accounts ?
  • Why does Cloudflare shows ads on the captcha security page ? The place ,Where the ads are displayed , was supposed to be used for recommending software resources to aid in resolving virus and security issues.Instead they show ads.

Please leave your comments and share your experiences.Updates about cloudflare would be posted soon…


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  1. Abdu ssamad says:

    The same captcha screen has been appeared for my blog.I was using my personal PC.

    Looks like they are trying to make some money by showing the ads page.Also the same screen appeared with many sites while I was browsing…

    • Admin says:

      Not really.Cloudflare does not push captcha screens to all users just for the sake of showing ads.your ip may be flagged or your computer might be infected.check for viruses on your computer or check whether your ip is listed on any of the blacklists.

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